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about us - nordicChannel Philippines Network Ltd. was established in 2009 to cater to the need for information dissemination, public service and entertainment for Filipino migrants in the United Kingdom.

The first ever online radio station in the United Kingdom Pinoy Radio UK , was launched the same year. It did not take a long time until the station was making waves in the Filipino community in the UK. Filipino listeners started pouring in from all around  the globe.

The success of Pinoy Radio UK was followed by the birth of Pinoy Radio NordicIt is the first Filipino radio station online to serve Filipino migrants in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

We are your 24/7 radio station featuring the events/activities of the Filipino Community in the Nordics, Embassy updates, news from the Philippines and 100% Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

Pinoy Radio Nordic…online and on mobile.

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